Senator Bob Smith

Ronald Reagan reminded us that America is a shining city on a hill. When we face hardships, we always rise to the challenge.

That’s what makes us Americans. We face serious challenges today. Obamacare is one such challenge.

I want to return to the United States Senate to lead the fight to restore our Constitutional values, freedom, and liberty. Together we can restore America for our children and grandchildren.

Join me to make New Hampshire strong again!  The people of New Hampshire are self-reliant and independent and they help each other rise to the challenge.

Will you join us? There is plenty to do to win this race and we need your help.

Confederate Railroad Freedom Rally

Confederate Railroad Freedom Concert

Rochester Fairgrounds
Friday, August 29, 2014

Team Smith is pleased to announce the “Confederate Railroad Freedom Concert” for all liberty loving people everywhere! There will be live music starting at 4pm by Next of Kin and The Natalie Turgeon Band followed by Confederate Railroad at 8pm.  A big display by Atlas Fireworks will top off the evening! Come see Confederate Railroad and enjoy a full afternoon and evening at the Rochester Fairgrounds!

ADMISSION — Tickets are only $20 for adults and children under 12 are free — a bargain price for an all day event! We also have special VIP boxes available in front of the band that hold 12 people for a contribution of only $1,000/box.

GOOD EATINS’ — We will be offering a variety of foods from attending food venders to tempt your palate for a nominal charge.

TICKETS ON SALE NOW — Call the Bedford Campaign Office at (603) 606-1581.
Please make checks payable to “Friends of Sen. Bob Smith – Freedom Concert.” Credit card purchases are available online at the link below.

 The Confederate Railroad Freedom Concert — Entertainment starts at 4pm  — RV camping available too! Don’t miss it!



Commitment 2014: Meet the Candidate — Sen. Bob Smith
Interview on WMUR – 9 on April 24, 2014


What People are Saying: Bob Smith: An Honest Conservative


Conservatives in New Hampshire have a great champion in the Republican United States Senate Primary. The former New Hampshire US Senator is just the kind of principled and honest candidate who drives the wheeling and dealing propagandists of the Republican establishment, Democrat liberals and left wing media crazy.

All politics is local and Bob Smith led one of the most potent and successful grassroots organizations in the history of New Hampshire politics. The result was his election three times to his community school board, three elections to the US House of Representatives and two terms to the United States Senate.

Bob Smith has never left his consistent small business, pro-family, pro liberty, conservative roots. He even left the party briefly in 1999 to warn party leaders of the coming electoral disaster, if they continued to sacrifice their principles just to win elections. Although he returned to the party after only a few months, he risked his political career to try to shock the political establishment back to their conservative values and roots. If New Hampshire Republican Primary Voters want a candidate who will put principle over politics and a leader who will unite the conservative base and in the tradition of President Reagan, rise to the challenges we face to our nation and our freedoms, Bob Smith is the man.

David Gosselin, Former New Hampshire GOP State Chairman

Paid for by Friends of Senator Bob Smith

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